YBL Villa - Art Gallery and Restaurant

How much material did we work with? About 150 tons of stone were used in the outer area.

In the inner area we laid almost 1000 m2 of stone, hundreds of m2 of high-quality wallpaper, nearly 650 m2 of wood paneling, many applied lighting fixtures, 3 exclusive kitchen parts.

What was the purpose of the development? Reconstruction of an original Lónyay-Hatvany villa.

Processes of construction works, in chronological order.

In 2019, we took over a structure-ready building,

- after that we started the basic electrical and mechanical installation works,

-plasterboard installation, on nearly 8-10,000 m2,

- wooden wall coverings-,

-floor coverings-,

-making stone wall coverings,

-assembly of electrical and mechanical endpoints, surface formations,

-installation of built-in furniture, production of warm coverings,

Curiosity: several key segments of the building were designed by world-renowned Japanese self-taught architect Tado Ando.

The customer: Raw Development Kft

The general contractor: T-TRANS FŐÉP Kft.

We conducted a short interview with our T-Trans project manager, who was ready to help us.

We also thank him for his exemplary and professionally recognized work on the project.

When did the work start? In October 2019.

How long did the construction take? 2 years.

What was the purpose of the villa? Although the restaurant-bar and café section, which is owned by the Batthyány Foundation, was built for community purposes, the central goal is to preserve value.

Who can use it? The restaurant and café can be used by anyone during opening hours, and the office space and other parts can only be used by those authorized to do so.

What materials did we work with? We always work with quality first class materials, it was no different here.

In the interiors, we made stone tiles, custom-designed doors, glass walls, carpets, built-in furniture, mechanical and electrical installations.

The outdoor finishing works were built around stone and metal structures, glass railings, 3 decorative pools, and a theater, which was built around the ruins of a monumental golden bastion, in order to preserve the remains of the monument.