The complete general construction of the building was handed over by T-Trans Főép Kft in impeccable quality within the set deadline at the end of 2021. 

We are proud that the building we have built has been chosen as the residential project of the year at the 2021 Property Awards gala.

The building will house 107 apartments with a spacious terrace, with a floor area of between 30 and 110 m2. General contractor: T-Trans Főép Kft.

Residential project of the year over 100 flats: Metropolitan Garden Developer: Living / Wing In June, the new residential park called Metropolitan Garden was handed over in the 13th century. in the neighborhood of Béke tér. In the 107-apartment condominium, Wing's brand, Living, which specializes in residential parks, designed apartments with an area of ​​30-110 square meters. Of these, the panoramic penthouse apartments with terraces were located on the roof level of the building. The project also includes community services and various smart solutions. General contractor: T-Trans Főép Kft.

Metropolitan Garden 

1139 Budapest, Országbíró u. 54