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T-TRANS FŐÉP KFT is working on the second project of the Hilton hotel chain, which, after the handover, can enrich the view of the city in the most original environment of the city center.

HAMPTON BY HILTON - HOTEL 1066 Budapest, Dessewffy utca 7-11. The 3-star hotel with 219 rooms will be realized by the general construction of T-Trans Főép Kft.

Summary of work

Completed in the first quarter of 2022: ceiling painting of -3, -2 basement levels. Complete civil engineering and earthworks for the project. Structural construction of the Zichy Jenő street wing and masonry up to the 4th floor. Final water and sewer connected from Zichy Street. The drywall structure on the Zichy wing up to the 3rd floor was also completed. Dessewffy Street front structure to 2nd floor.

Our continuous work on the project:

At the basement level is comprehensive mechanical and electrical work. Construction of the sample room.

2022 II. quarter: 

The following workflows are currently underway in the Hampton by Hilton project: The structural condition of the building was completed on the Zichy side. 50% of the plasterboard walls have been completed up to the first floor, and plastering work is already underway on the ceiling. The work in the field has been completed on the side facing the Zichy street front. From Dessewffy Street, 1-2. upstairs, professional installations such as masonry, drywall, electrical and mechanical work will continue. Structurally, the Dessewffy street front is complete by the 5th floor. The mechanical and electrical works of the cellar and underground garage are still going on at the same time.

2023 I guater:

Painting, tiling and cardboard workshave been completed in the rooms on the 1st-5th floors and the furniture is being assembled.

On the 6th floor, painting, tiling, wallpapering is ongoing, and soon the assembly of the furniture will also begin.

Mechanical works on the building are ongoing.

The works are progressing according to schedule


Hampton by Hilton