Our newly handed over buildings 

Metropolitan Garden
Budapest, Országbíró u. 54, 1139 

Budapest, Csonak u.

Elisabeth Residence

1074 Doba utca 34.

Atrium 3 - Residential park

1134 Lőportár utca 20/A



The Pest House - Atrium 3 in the XIII. It is located in the dynamically developing part of the district - a few minutes walk from Városliget and WestEnd, in Lőportár street. If you want a home in a calm, harmonious environment with a spacious inner garden close to the city center, Pest House - Atrium 3 is a great choice. For those living here, experiences such as jogging in the City Park or a pleasant walk on the nearby Danube bank can become part of everyday life!



This modern condominium, also designed for investment purposes, was built by T-Trans Főép Kft. is located in The primary consideration in creating the brand was the creation of a portfolio of high-quality luxury properties in the city center, which we brought to life through the construction of exclusive and unique buildings.