Ferdinand Garden

1134 Budapest, Szabolcs utca 4-6.

A XIII. The construction of a 223-apartment condominium in the popular part of the district is carried out by T-Trans Főép Kft.

Presentation of the project: 

Until the complete completion of the project, many challenges arise during the work, such as unpredictable, sometimes extreme changes in the weather or logistical difficulties and other external influencing factors. However, our qualified team is always prepared and flexible to handle these challenges effectively and on time.

The Ferdinand condominium is built from high-quality materials that guarantee the building's longevity and energy efficiency. During the construction, T-Trans Főép Kft. took into account the most modern technologies and the latest construction standards.

Based on the experience of the Ferdinand Garden Társasház project, we can say that T-Trans Főép Kft. is committed to quality, safety and efficiency.


2023 Q1

  • The last stage of the base plate has been completed. The construction of the slab above the basement has been completed. Formwork and iron installation of the slab above the first floor is ongoing at the construction site. Preparation of structures related to the neighboring building is ongoing.

2023 Q2

  • The construction of the 2nd-3rd floors and the formwork and iron installation of the slab above the 3rd floor are ongoing at the construction site.

2023 Q3

  • Paving workswill continue at the construction site until 2-3. The construction of the slab above the 7th floor has also been completed and we will soon reach the structure-ready state with the closing of the 8th floor.

Ferdinánd Garden – Pesti Házak (pestihazak.hu)


Ferdinand Garden

1134 Budapest, Angyalföld Szabolcs utca 4-6.