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The Radisson Basilica in Budapest is part of the Szent István tér monument building. In 2021, 71 impressive guest rooms and suites, a first-class fitness center, a restaurant, a lobby bar and an additional rooftop sky bar, offering unforgettable views of Budapest's historic skyline, are expected to be completed. General contractor of the project: T-Trans Főép Kft.

Work is still in full swing.

  • The waterproofing works of the roof have been completed, so the roof is closed and soaking work is ensured on the construction site.
  • The food elevator, which provides transportation between the main kitchen on the basement level and the show kitchen on the ground floor, has been completed, and a panoramic glass skylight with a steel frame above the restaurant has also been installed.
  • The waterproofing of the 1st floor terrace has been completed, the flower boxes have also been designed.
  • In addition to the main entrance, a barrier-free entrance has been set up for people with reduced mobility. On the 1st and 2nd floors, there are barrier-free rooms with more spacious interiors and a specially equipped bathroom, with switches and sockets at a comfortable height.
  • Access to the floors is provided by 1 staircase and 3 elevators, the elevators are being installed.
  • 1-3. upstairs of the rooms, 80% of the surface finishing work has been completed.
  • The glass structure of the conservatory on the 4th floor has been completed.
  • The facade of the inner courtyard has also been completed, and minor repairs are currently underway.
  • The structural reinforcement of the coat of arms was completed, and the surface formation of the inner terrace began.
  • The waterproofing works of the 6th floor Sky bar have been completed, the roof exits are being covered.
  • 75% of the external thermal insulation works of the building have been completed.
  • The sculptural restoration of the street front façade is 80% complete.
  • Due to the nature of the monument, the main entrance has been restored to its original condition, and the restoration of the street-front doors is in progress.
  • The surface finishing work of the fitness room on the basement level and the associated water block has reached their final stage.
  • In 2023, work will take place simultaneously in several areas of the construction. 
  • The Skybar structure is complete.
  • Up to the 4th floor, the tiling of the rooms and stairs and the construction of staircases are ongoing. 
  • Our specialists have started making the ceramic walls of the ground floor frame.
  •  The finalization of the ventilation system and the connection of the cooling and heating system are in progress. 
  • Our teams are also working on painting the walls of the 4th floor.
  •  We are constantly working on electrical installation. 
  • Finalization of the roof has begun. 

Radisson Collection Basilica - Hotel, Listed building 1054 Budapest, located in the area below Szent István tér 1. 71-room 4-star hotel with Sky bar.


1054 Budapest, Szent István tér 13-15.